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Prem Pyalo

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Sr. Title Artist Music Director Price Time Play Sample
1 Satguru Sa Mhane Prem Pyalo RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/01. Satguru Sa Mhane Prem Pyalo.mp3 ADD TO CART
2 Ghana Din So RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/02. Ghana Din So.mp3 ADD TO CART
3 Janam Tharo Baton Hi RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/03. Janam Tharo Baton Hi.mp3 ADD TO CART
4 Lahavo Le Lo Re RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/04. Lahavo Le Lo Re.mp3 ADD TO CART
5 Main Araj Karun Guru RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/05. Main Araj Karun Guru.mp3 ADD TO CART
6 Mukhda Kya Dekhe RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/06. Mukhda Kya Dekhe.mp3 ADD TO CART
7 Naton Hari Naam So RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/07. Naton Hari Naam So.mp3 ADD TO CART
8 Binjariya Hans-Hans Bol RamDev Gaud Rs 10.00 /home2/aapindia/public_html/santvani.com/songs/Instrumental/Prem Pyalo/08. Binjariya Hans-Hans Bol.mp3 ADD TO CART

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Once again thank you for the songs - they are delight to hear. We all enjoy them.

Pat & Clive Millward,Kettering

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