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Idhyathim Thaagam

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Sr. Title Artist Music Director Price Duration Play
1 Satguru Nee Rs 10.00 5:47 ADD TO CART
2 En Adhirshtame Rs 10.00 4:11 ADD TO CART
3 Guruve Nirainde Rs 10.00 6:40 ADD TO CART
4 Eh Deenbandhu Swami Rs 10.00 4:53 ADD TO CART
5 Solvai Nee Rs 10.00 7:12 ADD TO CART
6 Gurudeva Nee Thonri Rs 10.00 7:05 ADD TO CART
7 Neeye Dayalan Rs 10.00 5:14 ADD TO CART
8 Vaazhhai Padagu Rs 10.00 4:49 ADD TO CART
9 Niththam Rs 10.00 3:42 ADD TO CART

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Ullatthin Kural


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The selection of music on Santvani.com is amazing. I came here to find relaxing, soothing music and that's exactly what I found. I love to meditate while listening to music and the selection here was perfect for me. I'll be back every time I need to get away from it all.

Chitra Sen,Kolkata

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