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Tum karib ho mere

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Sr. Title Artist Music Director Price Duration Play
1 Tum Karib Ho Mere Paarth Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 7:08 ADD TO CART
2 Bandau Charan Kamal Anurag & Chorus Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 4:09 ADD TO CART
3 Bhav Ka Bhukha Hu Digvijay Singh Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 5:21 ADD TO CART
4 Ab Hum Gum Huye Hain Aamil Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 9:18 ADD TO CART
5 Milne Ki Aarzoo Hai To Vinod Gandharv Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 5:23 ADD TO CART
6 Mohe Lagi Lagan Shaheen Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 5:47 ADD TO CART
7 Satguru Mori Chook Diksha & Piyush Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 6:58 ADD TO CART
8 Dil Hai Us Noor Ka Vinod Gandharv Sanjay Phillips Rs 10.00 4:33 ADD TO CART

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Customer Reviews

by Admin - 2015-04-19 15:08:42

Good album!

by Amit Chaturvedi - 2015-04-20 05:07:50

I like these songs..."Tum Karib Ho Mere" & "Bandau Charan Kamal"

by Ramesh chan - 2017-04-23 07:30:21

I wanna to download song

Meri Aarzoo




Tum Karib Ho Mere


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Hello Hats off to you people who have set up this. Brilliant and one understands the value of internet when we get to see these sites. I get the feeling that even I can Sing Songs.

Kamal Sharma,Vadodra, Gujrat

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