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Music for the Soul.
"Santvani" is made up of two Hindi words. "Sant", which means Saint and "Vani", which means Sayings. Santvani should be considered a haven for relaxing, peaceful and joyful music.

An online music library where you can escape to, no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy at your leisure the soothing music from some of the most talented artists from across the globe.

Santvani's mission is to provide you with music on the go, to be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you. Our varied music collection encompasses a myriad of different sounds and styles and will surely appeal to everyone who enjoys quality,calming and refreshing music.

Santvani is also a platform for Artists to promote their own music. Feel the stresses and strains of everyday life wash away as you indulge in our collection of the world's most peaceful and soothing music.
Sit back and relax with Santvani.com

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A big thank you again for the sufi songs, I just love them. Would love if we could have more sufi songs, they are just 3 albums ....

Raza Hussain,Madrid, Spain

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